A smart career transition journey from Business Development to Data Science

There is no doubt that data science is now one of the most demanding jobs in the world today. However, it has become increasingly hard and overwhelming for new data enthusiasts to join this path. Don’t worry, been there too and oh boy!!

I know you are wondering how this article is different from all the countless that pop up on your screens and those you have already read. Well, stick with me to find out. I am not here to give you an ultimate list of learning paths, and resources that you must master to successfully change your career…

E-Commerce Analytics ML Hackathon

It has been 3 months of a wonderful SCA mentorship, data science track experience. I am now on the homestretch of Cohort 4. As I conclude this journey, I am marveled at the skills and knowledge gained thus far. You can read all about my experience and journey here.

This article is part of my final project and gives a clear snippet of how I went about my final SCA mentorship project. Here I give vital tips on machine learning which was the focus this month. As part of the project, I have had the opportunity to build my data…

Data Science Mentorship with She Code Africa

I am approaching the homestretch of the Data Science Track — SCA mentorship program. So far, the mentorship has bridged the knowledge gap on technical and soft skills required to compete in the field. My mentor Kolawole Precious has been sharing great insights on what it takes to be industry-ready.

Mentorship makes a difference

Before I dive into what I have learned this month, be sure to read my career change journey, and my month 1 experience at SCA. As a newbie in data, I am glad that there are such mentorship programs giving an understanding of how analytics works in a real-world experience.

Global Suicide Rate Analysis & Visualization

Microsoft Power BI


As part of the She Code Mentorship Program, Data Science Track, I had the opportunity to learn Power BI. Microsoft Power BI is one of the leading data visualization tools, which aims to provide easy capabilities for creating interactive reports and dashboards.

Power BI has various components that allow you to perform different functionalities. The Power BI components include Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, Power BI Gateway, Power BI Pro, and Power BI Mobile App.

Data Science Mentorship with She Code Africa

Recently, I was admitted to the She Code Africa Mentoring Program, Cohort IV, Data Science Track. If you have read my previous posts, you know that this milestone has marked the next phase of my career transition journey this year.

To be honest, the transition has not been easy. There are areas that I have really struggled with. Especially when I learned that other than programming, I needed to remind myself of some probability and statistics, linear algebra et al. I’d say 8 years since undergrad, is a long time to remember.

Data Science Roadmap

It has been a month since I started…

In the world of Combinatorics, an important aspect of the probability theory is being able to determine the total number of possible outcomes when multiple events are performed.

Combinatorics is a branch of mathematics that focuses on counting. It has many applications in other areas of mathematics, including graph theory, coding and cryptography, and probability. Combinatorics has applications in optimization, computer science, and statistical physics.

The Counting Principle

The Fundamental Counting Principle also known as the multiplication rule of counting, states that, if one event has m possible outcome and event 2 has n possible outcomes, then there m.n

Purity Supaki

Data Analyst | Aspiring Data Scientist | Business Development Specialist

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